Fully automatic sludge liquor separation system

The new generation of turbid water withdrawal


·         fully integrated into existing systems

·         automatically by a proven industrial automation system

·         plant-specific setting of the process parameters by the operator

·         absolutely reliable by selected components

·         maintenance by patented design of the measuring range

The fully automated clear water discharge system AMSYS offers a dry cleaning and low maintenance and cost-effective solution to reduce the turbidity of water content in the sludge (pre- / post-thickener, sludge storage tank).


When using the turbid water withdrawal in the pre AMSYS the digester can be loaded with a significantly higher dry matter content. This in turn results in a shorter warm-up phase of the digested sludge and improved digestion process, so that the energy costs significantly for heating the sludge.


For wastewater treatment plants without their own digestion a significant reduction in transport volumes and thus transport costs will be achieved at a lower raw sludge amount with higher dry matter content.