Fire Pump Test

Fire protection is a matter of trust


Be on safe side with MECON! The right choice for installed fire protection systems


Fire protection can and should save lives. Almost nowhere else are the reliability and safety of technical components - even under extreme conditions - of such fundamental importance as in the area of fire protection.

The higher the technical requirements, the greater the motivation of our R&D department. Our engineers and technicians are dedicated to achieving the precise standards and specification parameters described above. After all, saving lives, however indirectly, is an extraordinarily motivating goal. In answer, the MECON R&D department developed the Turbo-Lux series orifice plate flowmeters as well as the electromagnetic flowmeter mag-flux T4, both manufactured in high quality and precision at our production site in Kerpen. With these products, MECON offers the highest level of safety in the area of installed fire protection as well.

Our flowmeters for fire sprinkler systems impress with:

- reliability and long lifespan
- high reading accuracy
- robust and low maintenance design
- stable flow indication
- simple installation and handling
- quality "Made in Germany"