استحصال آب غیر قابل دسترس از لایه های لجن

تولید لجن خشک تر

کاهش هزینه های تولید آب و افزایش بهره وری


خصوصیات سیستم Amsys: 

(...,Set points are adjustable (start time, pump run time, limits

TS value of up to 5%

(Measuring distance outside the potentially explosive atmosphere (explosion protection zone

(Longer service hours (less maintenance

 Simplified maintenance of the probe by direct access outside of the container

Self-cleaning effect of the probe by moving medium

Calibration of the process probe

Cleaning work at present in the turbid water filter basket can be made easier (no sensitive probe

no "drying out" of the probe (avoid stubborn dried solids / pollution from the turbid water on the probe)

Transparent inspection section for visual inspection of the sucked turbid water before and after the probe (optional

(Small footprint due to compact design (lifting device, cabinet, measuring distance